Photo of a man having his hair cut by two children in Mammalian Diving Reflux performance for Lunch Lady Magazine

Haircuts by Children

Creative Director, Darren O Donnell, reckons kids have the power to make us all better people. And, when we give them more power, the world can come become a better place.

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A girl wears green sandals and a pattern dress in the garden while holding a basket

Why you should get kids gardening

Gardens are jam-packed with opportunities to learn, move, explore and be mindful. They can can also provide our children with the chance to process their feelings and their experiences—both good and bad.  Learn how to set your kids up for life by getting their hands dirty in the garden right...

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Photographic portrait of Tylissa Elisara for Lunch Lady Magazine

Tylissa Elisara on Writing and Representation

As a child, Tylissa Elisara loved The Magic Faraway Tree and Winnie the Pooh. Then, when her son experienced racism at age two, she decided to create a book like the ones she grew up with that also featured First Nation's culture.

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Roobee Roo kids boardbooks for Lunch Lady Magazine

Meet the Makers of Roobee Roo

We're yet to meet a kid that doesn't love a lift-the-flap board book, but we have met several parents who are tired of reading the same ones over and over again. Enter Roobee Roo—a new series of fun, playful and inspiring Aussie-made books for families.

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Yvonn Deitch wears blue overalls on a Double brand rug in her Byron Bay home

Yvonn Deitch on Design, Motherhood and Creating a Home

Stylist, creative and mother, Yvonne Deitch, chats about what makes a home and how she draws inspiration from her childhood in East Germany.

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Aseel Tayah in an orange hijab against a white wall for Lunch Lady Magazine

Meet Aseel Tayah: A Palestinian Artist, Mother and Activist

Aseel talks about growing up in Palestine, raising a child in Australia, how food can be a form of resistance and the healing powers of music.

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Nat Woods wears a black dress and Blundstone boots in her garden for Lunch Lady Magazine

EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME – Meet Nat Woods: editor, writer, mother

Nat Woods chats about raising twin boys, creating a co-working office full of creatives, and making a living from writing.

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A group of aboriginal women sit in a circle weaving baskets including Teagan Mordock for Lunch Lady Magazine

EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME – Meet Tegan Murdock: Weaver, Artist, Mother

Tegan chats about connecting with her Aboriginal culture through weaving, passing on her heritage to her children and finding support for her people's craft.

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A girl with long dark hair wears a daisy crown while holding flannel flowers

Nat McComas on Wildflowers and Photography for Nature Baby

Byron Bay local, Nat McComas, has been taking photos since high school and her latest shoot for Nature Baby took her right back to her childhood.

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photo of converse hi tops on a child's legs for Lunch Lady Magazine

Confessions of a Preschool Teacher

Kids listen to everything we say and preschool teachers are re-told every word! New Zealand writer Anisa MacLean spills the beans on life teaching toddlers and why Chuck Taylors shouldn't be worn.

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Dr Libby Weaver: The Invisible Load

Dr Libby Weaver: The Invisible Load

The invisible load is the unseen burden we carry in our minds and in our bodies. If we're not careful, it contributes to all sorts of health problems. Dr Libby Weaver chats about how we can take better care of ourselves, and why women often carry the biggest loads.

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a piece of brown cake that looks like a dog by Helga Stenztel for Lunch Lady

Helga Stentzel and her creative food photography

Growing up in Russia amongst a culture of DIYers provided Helga Stentzel with a rare gift. She can see the beauty in everyday objects and believes boredom is crucial for her creativity.

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The family behind MiNiMONO furniture sitting on a couch in their Berlin apartment

MiNiMONO: upcycled furniture for playful families

For one Berlin-based family, the pandemic provided the setting for new ideas to be born. The result is MiNiMONO, a playful furniture brand that uses 100% recycled materials. We chat with the founders Dirk and Julieta about building a sustainable family brand.

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A photo of a First Nation's Woman, Molly Hunt, outside Parliament House in Canberra, Australia

Meet Molly Hunt + diversify your bookshelf

Molly Hunt is a natural storyteller with a rare gift—she's an animator, journalist, radio presenter and illustrator. Molly chats about her life, passions and creative process.

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An illustration of a mother walking and looking at the moon for Lunch Lady Magazine

Sleepless Nights: A Motherhood Confession

Sleep habits can be a controversial topic in the world of parenting. But Liz Petrone reckons that letting her kids find comfort in her bed is one of the few things she can get right as a mother.

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illustration of a mother and daughter talking for Lunch Lady Magazine

Talking About Disability with Kids

Cathy Reay wants you to start talking to your kids about Disability, and she reckons films and books are the perfect place to start the conversation.

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Photo of Jane Marx wearing jeans and a dark jacket amongst trees and grass for Lunch Lady magazine.

the beautiful bunch: a conversation with Jane Marx

Jane Marx spent years establishing a thriving hospitality-based social enterprise that employed young refugee women. Then the pandemic struck. With a newborn under her arm, she pivoted the business and created The Beautiful Bunch. Read her inspiring story here.

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the wooden five fields playgrounds photographed for Lunch Lady Magazine

Five Fields Playground: Redefining Play

In Massachusetts, in the USA, the Five Fields playground looks unassuming. But it redefines the boundaries between architecture and play, and provides a space children can engage with on their own terms.

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herbal tea

a guide to herbal teas

Learn how to cure the winter blues, soothe nerves, induce calmness or just enjoy a cuppa with your kids, with our handy-dandy guide to herbal teas.

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a photo of two kids in a tent made of Beddie sheets in orange for Lunch Lady Magazine

beddie: a nostalgic bed linen brand

Beddie is ethically-made bed linen in the colours and prints that rocked eras gone by. We chat with Beddie founder, Deborah Brown, about her inspiration and why Beddie sheets are great for the whole family.

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Photo of Nici Ward playing the guitar with purple hair for Lunch Lady Magazine Parents who Play feature

Mums who Play: Interview with musician Nici Ward

Professional musician Nici Ward took time out from playing music while raising her babies. But as they got older, she returned to her passion and found that playtime is truly transformative for adults.

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Photo of Zulfiye Tufa rollerskating at a skatepark at sunset for Lunch Lady Magazine Parents who Play feature

Mums who Play: Interview with roller skater Zulfiye Tufa

Zulfiye Tufa began roller skating in her living room during the pandemic lockdowns. Three years later, her entire life has transformed and she wants other mums to know the benefits of play.

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Photo of Lauren Hill by Cait Miers for Hello Lunch Lady Magazine Parents who Play

Mums who Play: Interview with surfer Lauren Hill

We play with our kids, but often don't prioritise having our own playtime. Professional surfer, writer and film maker, Lauren Hill, chats about the benefits of taking timeout to play as an adult.

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camping with kids Lunch Lady Magazine opinion piece

Family Camping Trips: next time, it will be different

Edmund Burke loves camping. Well, he thinks he does. Because every year, as the memory of the last bad trip fades away, the illusion of a new (better) camping trip arrives. Next time, things will be different.

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