Make a mini raft with sticks

A girl in swimmers sits beside the water with a mini raft made from sticks for Lunch Lady Magazine

Perfect for boat races at the beach, creek or even the swimming pool—it's easy to make a raft with sticks. 

Big and small people will have fun with this quick DIY nature play activity.


Things you need:

  • twigs
  • bakers twine or string
  • hot glue gun
  • paper or fabric
  • hacksaw


two mini rafts made from sticks with paper sails for Lunch Lady Magazine

How to make a raft with sticks:

Start by selecting twigs that are straight. Cut them with a hacksaw—or if they’re small enough, you might be able to snap them. Make the raft whatever size you want! We used about 10 sticks that were roughly 16cm long.


Take a twig, tie on the twine at one end and knot it. Wind the twine around the other twigs, securing them all together to create the base of the raft. After both ends are tied together and secure, attach a base stick at each end, running in the opposite direction to the other sticks. This will help stabilise the shape and keep the raft afloat.   


Stand a taller stick in the middle of the boat as a flagpole and use the hot glue gun to attach it with a generous amount of glue. You can also help your flagpole stay upright by tying it to each corner with twine, as shown in the image. Then, using pattern paper or material, decorate your flagpole.


Set sail, kids!




Photographs by Lisa Sorgini for Lunch Lady Magazine Issue 13.