A girl in swimmers sits beside the water with a mini raft made from sticks for Lunch Lady Magazine

Make a mini raft with sticks

A quick and easy DIY project that makes outdoor play even more fun. You just need sticks, twine, a hot glue gun and a sense of adventure. Set sail, kids!

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make a bush craft puppet nature play for lunch lady magazine

Nature Craft: Make Bush Puppets

Nature craft puppets are a perfect DIY and are made from anything that grows in nature–dried leaves, fresh leaves, seed pods, flowers and sticks. Here is your step by step guide on how to make bush puppets.

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teaching children mindfulness using a sit spot in nature for Lunch Lady Magazine

Teaching kids mindfulness: the 'sit spot'

We could all benefit from slowing down and improving our mindfulness skills, and a sit spot is one way to do just that. Great for kids and adults, a sit spot can encourage a love of nature, while also soothing anxiety.

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nature play craft idea painted leaf bunting garland for Lunch Lady Magazine

Nature-play craft activity: leaf garlands

Looking to get the kids outdoors more? This nature play craft activity will have you hunting down leaves to make leaf garlands. You'll also need paint, paintbrushes and string.

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