cute craft lunchbox notes for Hello Lunch Lady Magazine

Cute craft: lunchbox notes

Download and print these lunchbox notes to make lunchtime that little bit cuter. They're perfect for ham-and-cheese inspired haiku's (or reminding kids to eat their fruit and veg!).

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A girl in swimmers sits beside the water with a mini raft made from sticks for Lunch Lady Magazine

Make a mini raft with sticks

A quick and easy DIY project that makes outdoor play even more fun. You just need sticks, twine, a hot glue gun and a sense of adventure. Set sail, kids!

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bean tepee build

How to build a bean cubby

Enchanted beans get a bad rap in fairytales, but the fact is you can take these lovely legumes (plus some sticks) and make yourself a magical bean cubby. With the alchemy of soil, sunshine and water, they can become an edible garden, vertical garden, green space and homegrown hide-out all...

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nature play craft idea painted leaf bunting garland for Lunch Lady Magazine

Nature-play craft activity: leaf garlands

Looking to get the kids outdoors more? This nature play craft activity will have you hunting down leaves to make leaf garlands. You'll also need paint, paintbrushes and string.

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Butterfly feeder DIY kids craft

DIY kids craft: Make a butterfly feeder

Here’s how to make your own DIY butterfly feeder – a perfect kids craft! 1. Get one of your old jam jars. Using a hammer and nail, puncture a hole in the centre of the lid. 2. Insert a piece of sponge into the hole of the lid so it...

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