Plume: World Explorer Colouring Book

Plume: World Explorer Colouring Book

Hitch a ride on the Albatross Express and travel the globe with Plume: World Explorer. This exciting picture book for little ones is the first in a series that celebrates culture, diversity and the natural wonders of our world.

Plume is not your typical Antarctic penguin. Sporting a bright yellow plume on the top of his head, Plume is bored of black and white, of shuffling around and snoozing on icebergs. He much prefers to cook, read, knit and skydive. He craves colour, adventure, excitement!

Download the Plume Colouring Book below and then hit print!

Plume: World Explorer by Tania McCartney, Hardie Grant Explore

We partnered with Hardie Grant books because we love their creativity, inclusiveness and awesome range of diverse, independent books!

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