Make a simple 8 page Zine with kids

How to make a zine

(from just a piece of paper!)

A zine, pronounced zeen (just like the end of the word magazine), is a homemade publication. There are no set rules for making zines. A zine can be about anything you’re interested in. Really! There are all kinds: fanzines (a zine about something or someone you love), cooking zines, comic zines, art zines, poetry zines, and personal zines where people write about their daily lives. The content and appearance is completely up to the creator and can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

Here’s how:

1: Fold your piece of paper in half. Fold it again into quarters, and then one more time so that it folds into eighths.

2: Fold your paper in half and cut halfway across the middle from the fold.

3: When you open your paper it should have a cut in the middle.

4 a + b: Fold your paper lengthwise (along the crease that has the cut). Hold the paper at either end, then push the ends in towards each other.

Step 5: Ta-da! The sections should fold into each other to form an eight-page booklet. (Crease firmly down each edge.)

Now it’s time for you to fill in your blank booklet and turn it into a zine!

This Zine craft is from issue 21 of Lunch Lady magazine. To shop the print mag go here

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