kid’s clothing + keeping oceans clean. a peek into the awesome world of spanish label bobo choses with founder adriana esperalba.

kid’s clothing + keeping oceans clean. a peek into the awesome world of spanish label bobo choses with founder adriana esperalba.

We love Bobo Choses! Tell us what inspires you?

I consider myself an observant person, I am easily entertained by watching how people dress. I am inspired by a movie, a song, or a photograph. I also like to remember moments from my childhood, the holidays above all. I still keep clothes from when I was little, I love the wool jerseys my grandmother used to make. I try to incorporate my memories into the collections we create.

Your latest range was launched alongside an awesome environmental campaign. Tell us more!

‘Dear World’ is a letter written by a child to the world – to get the attention of adults. The future of our planet is in our hands and it’s very sad to see how badly we treat it. This collection is inspired by the beauty of the oceans, but it’s also about how man is messing with the ocean and hurting all the animals that live in it.

What led you to create a children’s clothing range that incorporates environmental activism?

A couple of years ago I signed up with my daughter for a ‘Let’s clean up Europe’ action. We went to clean a small river and we picked up a lot of things! Not only pieces of broken plastic, but also clothes, toys, broken cups, bottles, cans, we even found a piece of TV. I was horrified. I want to respect nature and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. For me it was a moment of frustration, but at the same time I wanted to talk about the subject.

Each Bobo Choses range is so carefully considered. What is the process with each collection?

At Bobo we create fun stories, that’s why the collections are so different. First we think about the story we want to tell and then we start drawing and thinking about patterns. We do not follow fashion, the garments are a part of our stories.

How does your environment influence Bobo Choses?

Having the sea so close is something that surely influences us, it helps me locate, relax and think. Some days our Bobo people go to the beach and bathe. We like to chat at lunchtime and we laugh a lot, the sense of humour is very important to us all.

Also, my children are a very critical influence. I ask (and they like to comment!) about the garments and the prints.

How has Bobo Choses developed and changed?

When we started this project we were two graphic designers who got tired of making logos for companies, advertising campaigns for other brands, catalogues for museums – we wanted to have our own project.

We had just become mothers and that changed our perception of everything. We wanted to make original clothes for our children, but we had no idea of the world of fashion, nor of clothing. I think we were lucky at first, but we also worked very hard.

Over the years Bobo has grown both in team and in visibility, but we still have the same values: We love being kids stuck inside adults and acting seriously funny while caring for the world and everything that is part of it.

What do you love most about what you do?

What fascinates me the most is being constantly hooked on the world of children. To see small children in small Bobo dresses in the street, playing and having fun, it’s incredible. I am also proud to work with an extraordinary team that views this as more than a project, we are a family.

Tell us some of your favourite places around the Bobo Choses offices. Where must we go when we visit your part of the world?

Bobo is located in a small coastal town near Barcelona, so it is imperative to stroll near the beach and eat ‘paella’ at LaSal del Varador, a great ‘slow food’ snack bar. We also really like Japanese food – my best recommendations are Can Kenji, Shunka, Carlota Akaneya and Yoi Yoi Gion, all in Barcelona.

In the summer we like to camp in the Pyrenees where there are beautiful lakes to take excursions with the children. In winter we like the beach! The coastal towns of northern Catalonia are very beautiful.

To go with children: The workshops of the Fundació Miró, Plom Gallery and Parc Turó de Can Mates.

How do you want people to remember you?

Sometimes we are a little chaotic, but we are energised by the belief that perfection does not exist. Perfection bores me! We insist on a casual approach – where making a mistake is part of the elegant flow. We create without strict boundaries. We love to be able to laugh at ourselves and to be humble with what we do.

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