I Realised I Couldn't Save the World But I Could Make Someone's World Better

I Realised I Couldn't Save the World But I Could Make Someone's World Better


I Realised I Couldn’t Save the World But I Could Make Someone’s World Better
8 September 2015

I know a lot of us are feeling it. That sense of helplessness in a world full of sadness and desperation. My brain keeps trying to come up with clever solutions to everyone’s problems, it’s a thing I do and I am aware of how annoying it is.

The other day the girls and I were talking about how excited we were to have a weekend of no commitments. My big kid suggested we could set up a cake stall in town and raise money for the refugees. My littlest likes cake and thought anything to do with cake was good. I had just donated money to the guys at the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (AMAZING PEOPLE!) and thought if the girls were in the mood for charity perhaps we could do it another way.

We put a call out on our local facebook page to see if anyone knew of any local families needing a little love. A couple of ace friends sent us the details of two families and the girls and I got cooking.

On Sunday we packaged up our goodies, along with eggs from our chooks and posies from the garden. On our drive into town the girls re-enacted how they would respond to finding warm lasagne on their doorstep.

As I lay in bed that night, I wasn’t devising a plan on how to house the whole of Syria in my spare room. I thought about how two families were eating a home cooked dinner and had lunches for all the kids made for Monday morning. I am starting to understand how a bunch of tiny acts can create bigger ones. Already our weekend of baking has turned into something people have put their hands up for in the local community as a weekly rostered incentive. AMAZING.