Lunch Lady - issue 3 - album covers drawn by a 6 year olds

Interview with Tano Veron: Co-founder of art project Rock at Six Years, a collaboration with his six-year-old niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti

What is this project about?

Rock at Six Years is a family art project by me and my niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti. It’s a collection of contemporary abstract album covers redrawn from the perspective of a then six-year-old. It’s beautiful to see the way we draw when we are young. As Nicolina gets older, the project will lose its fluidity, but at her age the project is at its best.

How did you get your niece involved?

On a rainy Sunday, when Nicolina was six, I visited her. It was such a horrible day so we couldn’t play outside. We hopped on my computer to look for a movie or a game to play, and then Nicolina noticed my desktop wallpaper. It was the cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, one of my favourites. I talked to her about Pink Floyd and put the album on as background music. While we listened, she began scribbling the pyramid; within minutes she handed me the cover drawn so naturally and beautifully. I asked if she wanted to draw another. Rock at Six Years was born.

What type of artist are you?

I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as a graphic designer. I’m also an illustrator and a lover of typography.

When did this project start?

We started this project on a Sunday in early 2012 and continued for many more Sundays.

How many covers have you done?

Once we had done 12 covers, I published the project. We were excited by the response, so we extended it to 36. Now we’re up to 100 covers.

How long did each album cover take?

Some Sundays, we’d finish four covers in a few hours. Other days we’d spend a whole day on just one. In addition to the time spent on the original drawing, I’d spend weeks digitising and adjusting colours and proportions, but always respecting the essence of what my niece had drawn.

Is your niece still enthusiastic about doing them?

Yes, she really, really enjoys doing it. Some weekends, when I can’t travel to see her, she asks if she can continue the project. She’s very applied and enthusiastic.

What is the most recent album cover?

The most recent is Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. It’s also one of my favourites.

How much influence do you have on the covers?

I have quite a big influence—I’ve collected more than 300 album covers. For Nicolina, I choose covers that are graphically simple, so she won’t get frustrated by complex designs.

What is your favourite cover?

My favourite is Kraftwerk’s The Mix. I love the simplicity and proportion of the robot.

What is Nicolina’s favourite cover?

Her favourite is U2’s Boy. She loves “the look of the boy”.


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