Photographic portrait of Tylissa Elisara for Lunch Lady Magazine

Tylissa Elisara on Writing and Representation

As a child, Tylissa Elisara loved The Magic Faraway Tree and Winnie the Pooh. Then, when her son experienced racism at age two, she decided to create a book like the ones she grew up with that also featured First Nation's culture.

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Photo of a DIY worry monster for Lunch Lady Magazine

DIY worry monster

Getting to sleep at night can be tricky when you've got a head full of worries. Help ease your child's anxieties (and help them sleep soundly) with this homemade worry monster.

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A portrait of Bec Rose for Lunch Lady Magazine

Rebecca Rose on creativity, motherhood and cancer

When Bec Rose was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer, she was told she had six months to live. Almost four years later, as she entered palliative care, Bec reached out to Lunch Lady to share her final story.

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Lunch Lady - issue 3 - album covers drawn by a 6 year olds


Interview with Tano Veron: Co-founder of art project Rock at Six Years, a collaboration with his six-year-old niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti What is this project about? Rock at Six Years is a family art project by me and my niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti. It’s a collection of contemporary abstract album...

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