cute craft lunchbox notes for Hello Lunch Lady Magazine

Cute craft: lunchbox notes

Download and print these lunchbox notes to make lunchtime that little bit cuter. They're perfect for ham-and-cheese inspired haiku's (or reminding kids to eat their fruit and veg!).

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Photo of a DIY worry monster for Lunch Lady Magazine

DIY worry monster

Getting to sleep at night can be tricky when you've got a head full of worries. Help ease your child's anxieties (and help them sleep soundly) with this homemade worry monster.

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bean tepee build

How to build a bean cubby

Enchanted beans get a bad rap in fairytales, but the fact is you can take these lovely legumes (plus some sticks) and make yourself a magical bean cubby. With the alchemy of soil, sunshine and water, they can become an edible garden, vertical garden, green space and homegrown hide-out all...

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cooking with kids ideas: watercolour biscuits for Lunch Lady Magazine

Cooking with kids: watercolour biscuits

Need to keep the kids busy? These watercolour biccies involve baking and painting (and don't forget spoon licking). They're the perfect weekend activity and also make for a cute gift.

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Photo of red paper aeroplane for bored children. Instructions on how to make a fast paper plane.

How to make paper planes (three ways)

Paper planes are the most basic of boredom busters, but there's a definite knack to making a good paper plane. We've got three tried and tested techniques sure to delight big and small kids. All you need is paper.

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Lunch Lady - issue 3 - album covers drawn by a 6 year olds


Interview with Tano Veron: Co-founder of art project Rock at Six Years, a collaboration with his six-year-old niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti What is this project about? Rock at Six Years is a family art project by me and my niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti. It’s a collection of contemporary abstract album...

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Photo of natural dyed eggs in a bowl for DIY easter craft ideas Hello Lunch Lady magazine

How to Dye Eggs Without Food Colouring

There are natural dyes all around the home. Beets! Coffee! Cabbage! The coolest part of this crafty experiment is to see what colours come from what ingredients after they're thrown in a pot.

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