10 Interesting Ways to Use Oranges

10 interesting ways to use oranges Lunch Lady Magazine

We’ve been told that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade—but what about when life gives you oranges? Cutting them into quarters and serving them during half-time at netball will only get you so far. So we’ve unpeeled this citrus mystery for you: here are 10 interesting ways to use oranges.

1. Clean with them.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of cleaning detergents are fragranced with orange? Yes, it’s because the smell of oranges is a holiday for the nostrils—but it’s also because orange juice cuts through grease. Save your orange peels and put them in a bowl with water for 5 minutes. Remove the bowl, and then wipe your microwave clean.

2. Gorgeous glaze-r.

Do you want that shimmy-shimmy glaze on your baked treats? Of course you do! Squeeze some fresh orange juice into a bowl, and then, using a pastry brush, stroke it atop baked muffins and cakes for a subtle, shiny citrus kick.

3. Tea time.

We suggest mixing things up with some home-brewed orange tea. Peel the skin of one orange and let it steep in hot water for 5 minutes for some instant citrus-flavoured tea.

4. Garlic begone.

We’ve all had the moment when we’ve cut a piece of fruit on a chopping board and then, after one mouthful, we’ve quivered, repulsed that our apple reeks of garlic. Solution? After using garlic, rub your chopping board with an orange to deodorise it.

5. Rekindle the magic.

Caught in the great outdoors with no kindling to start your fire? Think ahead and pack some oranges. Eat them for a vitamin C boost and save the peels—orange oil is flammable and a sure-fire way to start a fire.

6. Shiny hair.

Combine apple cider vinegar with some freshly squeezed orange juice and apply to wet hair while showering.

7. Sayonara, smelly shoes.

Say goodbye to your smelly sneakers. Sprinkle baking soda onto an orange peel and leave it to rest inside your shoe for 24 hours. The odour will be absorbed by the orange and your shoes will be left smelling fresh.

8. Insect repellent.

Mosquitoes hate oranges. When summer hits, be sure to keep orange peels next to open windows and rub its peel against your skin to repel these itchy nuisances.

9. A breath of fresh air.

Home remedies are so satisfying to make, because usually everything you need is already sitting idle in your kitchen. This natural air freshener is no exception. Add orange peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves to water and bring to a simmer.

10. Restore your sink.

While we may never be able to see our own reflection in the kitchen sink, we can at least try—with orange peel. Give your sink a good scrub with the peel and see it go from matt to shiny almost instantly, thanks to the natural oils found in orange.


10 Interesting Way to Use Oranges was originally published in Lunch Lady Magazine Issue 11.

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