When Life Gives Me Lemons… Sometimes I Just Squeeze Them in All My Open Wounds

When Life Gives Me Lemons… Sometimes I Just Squeeze Them in All My Open Wounds


When Life Gives Me Lemons… Sometimes I Just Squeeze Them in All My Open Wounds
10 May 2014

I buried myself in to a little hole.

It started off as a little rut, then I got sad about being in a rut so I dug a hole. Then the hole became bigger and before I knew it I was wallowing in an open cut mine of misery. I am not even entirely sure what got the sadness ball rolling, but it rolled and I went with it. And sometimes, when life gives me lemons, I DO do that cool thing people pin on their pinterest and make G+Ts with them, but sometimes I just like to squeeze them in to all the open wounds I may have at that particular moment. I know, I am an odd creature, a complex and strange one. Ask anyone super close to me and they will tell you.

So that is where I have been. Luckily for me however, I stocked the freezer with meals to get us through 5 world wars and we were all well fed. Phew! I am also lucky to have a guy who likes a bit of cooking too, so he made sure we didn’t starve either.

This weekend I am up in the high country, shooting a wedding.

I woke super early to walk to the summit and watch the sunrise. How can ANYONE feel sad sitting at the top of a mountain? They are so special to me, I am not entirely sure why, it isn’t like I was raised in a mountain village or anything. I did live my teen years in Mount Eliza and spent time in the village hanging around with my buddies (who am I kidding, I had no buddies), but I am pretty sure that doesn’t explain it either.

It is the smell, the cold air on my nose, sitting in the clouds and walking amongst trees that have been there forever. I thought of the trees as I walked to the top of the track. How right now this mountain is quiet, just wind and the birds, but in a couple of months time this place will be covered in snow and packed full of people. Then the snow will melt, the people will go and the trees will still be here. They are so beautiful.

This walk, well this whole trip so far, shook me from my funk. Reinvigorated me to fill the pity hole and move on. It sucks being in that place, most of us fall in to it at some point, but it doesn’t last.

To any of you who might be digging your own hole right now, I hope it’s just a little one and if it isn’t, I hope that freezer of yours is well stocked. To those of you who know someone who is visiting Struggletown, perhaps leave a pot of something comforting on their door step? There’s nothing like a meal cooked by a friend left on your door step to restore your faith in the world and make you feel like the most loved person on the planet.

Oh, and you know how I walked to the top of a mountain to see the sunrise? Check it out!

And, apparently my site is being mean and not letting some people leave comments, I would really love to hear from you, so pop me a line via the contact button, if the mean ol’ website let’s that happen. I will fix technical issues when I am not tethering off my already over the internet allowance phone. x

Love to you.

Kate xx

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