When Funk Doesn't Involve a Cool Bassline

When Funk Doesn't Involve a Cool Bassline

When Funk Doesn’t Involve a Cool Bassline
15 June 2015

Some days, weeks and even years are harder than others. Just getting upright and propelling yourself forward is all you can muster. It sucks and it is hard.

When mid rut, cooking for the family is possibly the last thing you feel like doing. Or socialising. Or getting dressed. Or anything other than being curled up within the loving folds of the doona.

Last week was one of those weeks. And to make sure the family was fed, I created the MEGA BAKE.

I know a pasta bake it isn’t revolutionary. But when you to tip a whole 1kg bag of pasta in the the pot, pull out two GIGANTIC baking trays from the cupboard and decide this will be dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, well THAT feels pretty clever to me. This means cooking for the family involves turning on the oven 3 times a day, reheating and serving. And, we all know the more a pasta bake is baked, the better it gets.

Sometimes you just need to keep the family alive until the funk or the crazy busy times in our lives pass. Sometimes it is just the basics which are important. And once you get out the other side, everyone is going to appreciate that non pasta bake meal like you wouldn’t believe!

Don’t be hard on yourself, hold on, get through and eat tonnes of pasta. And cheese.

Please feel free to recommend your go to ‘easy’ meal, with the onset of winter, these get made more and more often. I think my kids would really appreciate it!