A photo of a children's book called What To Do When You're Not Sure What to Do

Davina Bell on writing children's books and guiding family conversations

Encountering new experiences can be daunting for kids, but chatting about them can help. Davina Bells talks about her latest book, What To Do When You're Not Sure What To Do, and how words can ease anxieties.

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A photo of a First Nation's Woman, Molly Hunt, outside Parliament House in Canberra, Australia

Meet Molly Hunt + diversify your bookshelf

Molly Hunt is a natural storyteller with a rare gift—she's an animator, journalist, radio presenter and illustrator. Molly chats about her life, passions and creative process.

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come together book cover by isaiah firebrace placed on a tablecloth

How to teach kids about First Nations history

Author and muso Isaiah Firebrace wrote Come Together to teach kids about First Nations History and to help connect with the longest continuing culture on Earth.

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