Passata Day 2014, Get Those People You Love Over!

Passata Day 2014, Get Those People You Love Over!


Passata Day 2014, Get Those People You Love Over!
18 March 2014

This weekend was the most special weekend in our little family’s calendar. It is a weekend where we crush 200kg of tomatoes and make our yearly supply of passata.

It is a day where we invite the people we love, our family, to spend this most special event with us. They may not necessarily be blood relatives, in fact I think my dad may have been the only one there. But it is the people who we hold dear.

I find the days of the huge extended family, as the norm, are long gone, well they are for Ro and I. This is our opportunity to create our own big family. To bring the ones we love together and to share our home, ourselves and our hearts with them. To let them know how much we love them and to put them to work.

It is a day of sharing food, stories, drinks and the workload, of such a huge job. It is a day of pitching in, helping each other out and patting each other on the back.

It is such a difficult thing to explain in words. There is something so beautiful and goose bumpy about seeing all the people I love, whom most have not met before, laugh together, smile at each other and hug when they leave each other at the end of the weekend. My family becoming other people’s family. Exchanging numbers, instagram handles and arranging catch ups, outside of my circle.

I know to my gorgeous dude that passata day is about the tomatoes, but I do believe I am bringing him around to the idea that it can include bunting, pizza vans and bell tent villages. Next year our family will grow, I plan to make this day bigger. Something more and more of the beautiful people we know, and the beautiful people they know, can enjoy.

Passata day, not only gives us 200 bottles of crushed tomatoes, but it reminds us how lucky we are. To be surrounded by the most amazing, caring and wonderful people. Our family. Who we love, more than anything. We thank you.

Special thanks to Remi from Happy Camper Pizza for the MOST amazing pizzas that kept us fed and slightly sober and to Jessie from Happy Glamper for the awesome bell tents, without them the day just wouldn’t have been the same. x