Make Hay While the Sun Can be Bothered!


Make Hay While the Sun Can be Bothered!
24 March 2014

Hey there! These last few weeks have been so insane in our house. Our home looks like a clothing, passata and general crap bomb has gone off in every room. It is a little deflating, but with a week clear of obligations we will rebuild.

This post is about dealing with those times. I totally understand that to lots of you out there, these times are ALL THE TIME! And I am aware that as soon as our house looks lovely, it will only be a matter of hours until chaos reigns supreme and we will be climbing Mt Washing Pile and wading through the The Sea of Crap once more.

So what I do is get up early. Or steal a moment on a Sunday afternoon. And bake the crap out of my kitchen. I somehow managed to drag my butt out of bed this morning and bust out 24 muffins and a zucchini slice. I was just going to make one tray, but I thought, be buggered if I am going to this tomorrow morning, so I ‘Made Hay’!

The best way to bake stuff, I find (I have 2 daughters and 2 step daughters), is to double or even triple (and once I accidentally quadrupled) quantities. How good is it when you bake a dozen muffins? How pretty do they look and how great do they smell? Well, triple that joy! And freeze it.

Do it with soups too! Make tonnes of the stuff, eat some for dinner, put some in a thermos for your kids lunch and then freeze the sucker. There it is just waiting in the freezer for you, to warm it up and love it, for when you need some quick and easy, tasty love in a bowl.

One of my fave things to do it with is dahl. The bad thing about making tonnes of dahl in our house though, is we bloody love the stuff and tend to eat it all in one or two goes. I am sure we all know the side effects to too many lentils and garlic.

I want to help mums and dads out there who struggle with time or confidence, this is the whole point of lunchlady. So please, feel free to contact me with issues you face. It would be my absolute pleasure to help with everyday cooking from scratch problems you guys are facing. I am not here to judge, I am here to put my arm around you, encourage you and to let you know you CAN do it.

Let’s make hay!!! Have an awesome week. x

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