Facing the Facts. I AM One of Those Mums

Facing the Facts. I AM One of Those Mums

Facing the Facts. I AM One of Those Mums
24 January 2014

I have a joke with a friend of mine, how we are ‘that mum’. The naughty mum, the one who forgets (or in my case is totally in the dark) about special days at school, early finishing times or when school starts (just made the phone call today, it is next Thursday).

I always thought how amazing and awesome it will be to have both of my kids in school. How I would kick goals, get stuff done and not having to entertain my crazy little 4 year old any longer.

But when I made the phone call to see when day one was, it hit me. I am another type of mum. One I never thought existed in me.

I really wasn’t prepared for, or expecting the sadness and feeling of loss. The realisation I am no longer raising babies. WOAH, those words just bought on an onslaught of tears, the giant silent ones.

Being a mum is a funny thing. The strength of raw feeling and emotion is a blessing and a curse. But to feel is to live and it is a pretty special honour to be in charge of little people.

To all those mums out there going through the same thing this year, I am here with you. Let’s have a bit of a cry together.

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