Cool down with this delicious and very pretty Elderflower & edible flowers icy-pole recipe!

• 30ml / 1oz elderflower cordial

• 1 cup water

• lime or lemon juice, to taste

• edible flowers, such as marigold/calendula, pansy/viola, lavender, basil/hives/dill/rosemary/fennel flowers, nasturtium, cornflowers, rose, chamomile, borage

1. Combine the cordial and water in a jug, add a good squeeze of lime juice and taste. Add a little extra cordial or lime as desired, and set the mix aside.

2. Arrange the flowers inside the moulds.

3. Carefully pour in the elderflower mix and push flowers towards the outside of the moulds.

4. Add a stick to each mould and pop them into the freezer.

5. Freeze for at least 4 hours, or overnight. You might like to check and straighten the icy-pole sticks after about 2 hours

of freezing, if you like things orderly.


Recipe first published in Issue 5 of Lunch Lady.