episode 14 <br/> eat, sleep, play, love

episode 14
eat, sleep, play, love

Dr Preeya Alexander wants to help mums navigate the early years of motherhood. In her new book, Eat, Sleep, Play, Love, she provides a down-to-earth and  inclusive survive guide that's free from judgement.

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episode 13 <br/> Baby Brain

episode 13
Baby Brain

Neuroscientist, mother and author, Dr Sarah McKay, believes there's more to baby brain than negative stereotypes about forgetfulness. In fact, she says there's no proof women's cognitive function declines. Instead, their brains transform in rather remarkable ways.

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episode 12 <br/> the beautiful bunch

episode 12
the beautiful bunch

Louise chats with Jane Marx about how she pivoted her hospitality-based social enterprise during the pandemic and launched The Beautiful Bunch—a floral delivery service that employs refugee women.

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portrait or cory silverberg in a rainbow check shirt for Lunch Lady parenting magazine

episode 11
a chat with cory silverberg about sex education

Author, educator and public speaker, Cory Silverberg, chats about sex education and gender in a modern world.

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How to Navigate Australia Day (Invasion Day)

Episode 6
Navigating Australia Day (invasion day)

Unsure whether or not to celebrate Australia Day? Join this important conversation lead by Kirli Saunders with Rachel McPhail, and find out how your family can respectfully honour First Nations people on January 26th.

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Episode 5 <br />Dee Tang on Grief and Joy

Episode 5
Dee Tang on Grief and Joy

A conversation with the clever, creative, funny, inspiring and incredibly wise Dee Tang. In 2017, Dee penned a deep and moving piece for our magazine Lunch Lady on loss, grief and love, after losing her eldest daughter, Kawa Leaf.

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Episode 4 <br /> raising tweens

Episode 4
raising tweens

Mother of four teenagers and author of eleven parenting books, Sarah Ockwell-Smith knows a fair bit about raising kids. Here she shares some wise advice on how to best support and raise a tween.

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Episode 3 <br />Sitting Pretty

Episode 3
Sitting Pretty

Rebekah Taussig chats with Lunch Lady about parenting and the representation of disability in our society.

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Episode 2 <br /> Radical Hope Club

Episode 2
Radical Hope Club

When faced with hopelessness about climate change and social justice, a group of mums formed a powerful little group to bring about change in their local community.

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Episode 1 <br /> Building Community with Mariam Issa

Episode 1
Building Community with Mariam Issa

Mariam Issa dreamt of travelling to faraway places, but never imagined she'd have to flee Somalia's civil war on a leaky boat. More than 21 years later, she's created a garden that fosters connection within her Australian community—and it began by pulling down her fence.

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