How to get your kids to brush their teeth.

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It’s a cruel trick of the parenting game – just when they’re really jack of everything, you’ve got to entice them to stand still enough to stick a semi-sharp object in their mouth for long enough to perform a complex routine that involves lots of fine motor skills.

Not to mention the pressure of knowing that if you don’t persevere for long enough, not only will your kid’s teeth turn into rotten little tic-tacs, but you’ll probably have to sell everything you own to pay for the dental bills.

This is where Brushy comes to the rescue!

Brushy’s a super cute two-minute podcast that keeps kids entertained while they brush their wittle toofy pegs for the amount of time recommended by the dental association.

Actually, it doesn’t only keep them amused, but each episode they learn a bunch of facts about a different topic.

Subjects are mostly focused on your classic animals like tigers, whales, horses, cats, unicorns and dinosaurs. But there’s some random themes too like Christmas (bet you didn’t know jingle bells was the first song played in space?) ears (did you know your they help keep your balance?) and every toddler’s favourite obsession; farts (can you believe bottom burps reach speeds of three meters per second, which is faster than a cheetah!)

Started by a radio host, who was struggling to get his own three kids to use their toothbrushes, Brushy is hosted by his youngest daughter, who’s absolutely adorable. Topped off with a few jokes, Brushy’s the quickest way of getting kids aged from 3–8 happily brushing, morning and night.

Get it here or wherever you get your podcasts.

This review is powered by Jack N’ Jill who has nothing to do with Brushy but everything to do with getting kids to brush their teeth. Jack N’ Jill take care of little teeth with their natural toothpaste range, zero waste toothbrushes, tooth keepers, buzzy brushes and loads more. For more info on Jack N’ Jill head here

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