Why Are Mums Channelling Derryn Hinch?

Why Are Mums Channelling Derryn Hinch?

Why Are Mums Channelling Derryn Hinch?
6 August 2014

Shame… Shame… Shame… Mum Shame…

Mum shaming, it is a thing isn’t it?

Mum’s who don’t agree with another mum’s ideas and dragging them over the coals. I really struggle with this. I have actually always struggled with how women turn on each other. Even in my 20s I thought it was odd how women constantly sized each other up. You know what I mean, you’re standing in a room, another woman walks in and you check her out, look at what she is wearing, if they are overweight, skinny, pretty, old, young. Whatever! It is crazy how we do this to each other. And when we become mothers it seems to get worse.

I remember one of the first days I was out of hospital, with Maya my eldest, I was walking around the streets quite gingerly and in a total daze. I couldn’t believe that all women with children had gone through that same experience I had a few days earlier. I was blown away.

I thought, how amazing are all these women. How amazing is my mum? And her mum? Mums are amazing. Let me say amazing one more time! I was on quite strong painkillers, so it could have been thinking quite existentially, but it is something that binds us together and I still believe that.

Instead of turning on each other, perhaps we could give each other a hand. Either with words of encouragement and understanding, a cup of tea or a meal to chuck in the freezer. Whatever, it is, let’s be good to each other. We are awesome at caring, we have such heart and such a capacity for compassion. Let’s spread the love.
Thanks for this photo Amelia Stanwix!