an illustration of a girl holding a rainbow for Lunch Lady Magazine

How does colour impact our kids?

Colour experts agree: colour can impact our emotions, mental health, sleep patterns and even our appetites. But what about our kids? How are they affected by colour and can we use colour to help them?

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Illustration of a girl in bed with blankets up to her nose. She has night-time fears. Lunch Lady Magazine

Night-time fears and what to do about them

Studies suggest that up to two-thirds of Australian kids are scared of the dark. Take a deep-dive into the why and how we can help.

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An illustration of a girl with white hair looking anxious in a sea of dark blue for Lunch Lady Magazine

How to help an anxious child

In an era where anxiety rates in children are on the increase, it's important to understand what anxiety is. Then, we can learn how to manage it. Dr Jodi Richardson shares her best tips to help parents understand anxiety and help their kids learn to manage it.

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A child stands on a tree brand demonstrating resilience for Lunch Lady Magazine

What is resilience (and why do we want kids to have it)?

The word 'resilience' gets bantered around a lot these days. But what is it and why does it actually matter if our kids are resilient or not? In issue 13 of Lunch Lady Magazine, we took a deep-dive into the history, science and practical aspects of resilience.

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two siblings fighting over a teddy bear for Lunch Lady magazine

Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry dates back to Ancient Egyptian mythology and is present in almost every animal species on the planet. But could it actually be a beneficial thing? Dr Justin Coulson lays down the facts.

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a kid child inside a cubbie made from fabric for Lunch Lady Magazine

Kids and Cubbies: the age-old duo

Kids love cubbies! And it turns out that building cubbies is a great way for kids to  externalise and re-create what’s going on internally, whether that’s joyful, challenging, confusing, interesting, different or simply unknown.

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