Photographic portrait of Tylissa Elisara for Lunch Lady Magazine

Tylissa Elisara on Writing and Representation

As a child, Tylissa Elisara loved The Magic Faraway Tree and Winnie the Pooh. Then, when her son experienced racism at age two, she decided to create a book like the ones she grew up with that also featured First Nation's culture.

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A photo of a First Nation's Woman, Molly Hunt, outside Parliament House in Canberra, Australia

Meet Molly Hunt + diversify your bookshelf

Molly Hunt is a natural storyteller with a rare gift—she's an animator, journalist, radio presenter and illustrator. Molly chats about her life, passions and creative process.

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Bobbi Lockyer

parenting around the world with bobbi lockyer

Creative mumma Bobbi Lockyer talks about capturing culture, women’s rights, becoming an artist and raising four boys in Port Headland, Western Australia. This interview is from a series of interviews with parents from all around the world. Enjoy!

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First nations education for kids at Children's Ground (Lunch Lady Magazine)

First Nations education: CHILDREN’S GROUND

Children's Ground is an organisation led by First Nations people for First Nations communities. To learn more about this grassroots approach to education we spoke to the founders and CEO.

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