Road Testing Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning. kid online tutoring

An online + face to face tutoring platform where kids learn their way.

Between our Lunch Lady crew, we have seven primary school kids and three high school kids. All of them attend different types of schools – some are in Steiner, some public, some private. But throughout all the different approaches to schooling, one thing remains the same; tutoring helps when your kid needs a confidence boost or support when a topic is not quite gelling.

Enter Cluey Learning. Lunch Lady has partnered with them because we find the way they provide online tutoring makes a lot of sense. It’s an online tutoring service but with face-to-face sessions and real life, experienced tutors.

Cluey especially pride themselves on three things:

  1. The level of tutors. They only hire the best of the best, either registered teachers or Uni students who are pursuing a relevant degree and have achieved an outstanding ATAR.
  2. Each student’s learning experience is personalised. Every kid is unique in the way they learn. Cluey personalise as much as they can when it comes to each student’s learning program from the tutor
    they hand-pick, the content they cover and even the method of teaching the tutor uses.
  3. (We love this the most.) Their approach is designed to build confidence. After loads of research, they’ve identified that building confidence is the biggest driver for parents to seek additional learning support for their children. Their service is designed so that over time of working with a Cluey tutor, students become more self-assured and confident in their abilities.

Over 17,000 students have been tutored by Cluey in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and they’ve run over 519,000 tutoring sessions.
Age wise – they tutor kids in years from 2-12.

If you’re interested in tutoring for your kids, find more info on Cluey and save 20% HERE

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