Reducing single-use plastic : A chat with Sherrie Adams from HoneyBee Wraps

Reducing single-use plastic : A chat with Sherrie Adams from HoneyBee Wraps


Waxed-cloth food wrap has become super popular. Tell us about your motivation to start Honeybee Wraps?

Having 5 children, I was constantly looking for ways to reduce waste in our household, while also looking for a solution to keep our home-grown food fresh for longer. Honeybee Wraps was an answer to both these problems – they were originally created on my stove top at home.

Describe a perfect wax wrap. What makes Honeybee stand out?

At the Honeybee Hive we only use 100% certified thick organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. Our specially blended formula of local beeswax and organic ingredients creates a beautiful, flexible wrap that can be used over and over again. Simply wrap, wash, reuse.

Is your mission to reduce plastic?

It sure is. From using Honeybee wraps, to saying no to plastic bags and not buying packaged foods, reducing plastic-use is the aim. Reducing single-use plastic in particular was the main goal as it’s used everyday in so many households then thrown away.

Any kitchen tips for when the wax wraps are all in use?

I would suggest covering food using a plate or using paper towel or cloth.

Describe your customers. Who buys your product?

Honeybee wrap is very popular from ages 18 to 65. From eco-conscious to health-conscious people, all our customers want to make changes towards a better planet.

What’s the biggest challenge being a working parent?

Juggling school hours, drop-offs, pick-ups, working in-between – and trying to keep on top of all the washing, cooking and cleaning when you have 5 children!

Have there been times you have wanted to give up? What helped you pull through?

I have to say ‘no’ to that question. I started the business 4 years ago and have never looked back. I have a huge passion for what my team and I are doing to create a better planet. It’s especially rewarding to see how much people really embrace this opportunity to make change.

Starting a business from a small regional town is totally do-able. Discuss!

Mullumbimby has been an amazing little town to support my venture. It’s a place with a strong sense of community that’s definitely working towards a better planet. We are working with local bee keepers and alongside many local business including Santos Organics, The Farm and Fundies. We all support each other.

What can you see for Honeybee in the future?

We are paving the way for a plastic-free future. We’ve recently implemented the use of custom machinery to create our beautiful wraps and are now distributing in Australia and overseas. Yes, we have big plans for 2018!

You can head to the HoneyBee Wraps website here or go to their Instagram here.

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