Not Today, I'm Hanging With My Kids

Not Today, I'm Hanging With My Kids

Not Today, I’m Hanging With My Kids
29 October 2014

I am a busy person. And most of the time it is because I choose to be. I don’t like being still or bored. I get quite agitated.

I spend a lot of time working. I would work day and night if I didn’t have a partner to yell at me for being so attached to my computer. Sometimes he has had to literally pry the device from my white knuckles, just so I would step away and stop.

But today was different, and it wasn’t my choice initially. My kid’s school teacher asked if I would come along to the movies with the class. She needed someone to help her wrangle 12 kids through the streets of Daylesford. It sounded fun and it was the King and I with spunky and shirtless Yul Brynner after all.

Then my little person asked me out on a date. Just me and her. She wanted to take me out for a giant ice cream sundae after school, that was so nice of her.

Between my school excursion date and my little person date was 2 hours. Too little time to go home and stare at my computer and too much time to sit in the car park of the school and stare at my phone. So I sat on a hill, in the sun and did nothing.

Sadly though, even when I am not doing anything, my brain doesn’t stop. I come up with more projects, more ideas, more things we can do to make our lives more interesting, fun, exciting and in reality, stressful. Ro has BEGGED me to stop coming up with ideas. Perhaps I should start a business where people without any ideas can come and take one of mine. Oh shit, was that another idea?

What I got out of today was amazing. I relaxed. I was energised by the sun, by the company of my awesome kids and by my own company. I am excited that I am learning things about myself, and more to the point, I am learning to try and work on some of the things that need working on.

Seriously Kate, just chill the f@#k out.

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