A mini chat with Mille Maria, founder of @rockthatmuseumkid

A mini chat with Mille Maria, founder of @rockthatmuseumkid
What is @rockthatmuseumkid about?
The feed is all about kids and art. I believe in exposing children to art at an early age and teaching them that museums are fun. Many parents stay away from museums because of horror stories about angry museum guards, vandalized artworks or they simply don’t see the point. With @rockthatmuseumkid, I try to give parents a very simple goal – take your kid to a museum and snap a photo of them in front of an artwork you like.
Why did you start @rockthatmuseumkid?

I’ve always loved art. I grew up five minutes from the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen and we went there often. I have two little girls and I’ve taken them to museums and galleries since they were infants. I’ve had some bad experiences of course, but nothing compared to all the good ones. When I started @rockthatmuseumkid, I wanted to give other parents the possibility to experience all the wonderful things art can teach our kids about themselves, other people and the world they live in.

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