EcoNap talk cloth nappies

EcoNap talk cloth nappies

Who was EcoNaps founded by and when did the company begin?

I started EcoNaps back in 2013, when I was pregnant with my first baby. We used to sell it at our local markets and had such a positive response to our products, everything just grew from there.

How long did it take you to develop a product that worked?

Over the first 12 months, I focused lot of my time and energy on our product design. My goal was to create cloth nappies that were both easy and simple to use and worked really effectively as well. Having a baby in the house as our nappy tester was very handy! We still believe that product evolution is key and we’re currently focusing on the sustainable manufacture of our cloth nappies. Over the next 12 months, we’re looking to include more sustainable and recycled fabrics in our designs.

The perception of cloth nappies is that they take too much time. How is EcoNaps changing this image?

Choosing cloth nappies over disposable nappies is really just an extra load of washing every few days. Cloth nappies have come so far since our parents and grandparents use them. There’s no fiddly pins or soaking involved at all anymore! We find when parents start using EcoNaps for the first time, they can see from day one the positive impact they are making in reducing their household waste – the extra couple of loads of washing is an easy trade-off.

A product that reduces the number of disposable nappies in our rubbish is a great thing! How important is the environmental impact message for your customers?

There are so many great reasons to use cloth nappies over disposable nappies, but I feel the biggest benefit is reducing our environmental impact. And you don’t have to be using them full time either to make a difference. Just by swapping out two nappies a day from birth, you can save over 1800 disposables from landfill!

Who designs the range?

We work alongside two amazing Byron Bay based designers to create our gorgeous cloth nappy prints.

Do you still live in Byron Bay? And how does this shape being a business owner?

Yes, Byron Bay is our home, and we love it! There’s such an amazing community of supportive, creative and environmentally conscious businesses here, we really couldn’t see ourselves living anywhere else.

What are the essentials for any new parents?

For new parents considering cloth nappies, my advice is just jump on in and give it a go. Start with a couple of cloth nappies to get in the swing of things and go from there. When you purchase EcoNaps, we also support you with all the info you need to feel confident to use your new cloth nappies, from full washing guides through to demos on how to fit them. EcoNaps Wet Bags are also an absolute essential way to reduce single-use plastics as a new parent, even if you’re not using cloth nappies. They’re a washable, reusable bag made from a waterproof fabric. They were originally designed for carrying dirty nappies when we were out, instead of disposable nappy bags, but they also have a thousand other uses – from soiled clothing, spare clothes, wet swimmers, keeping your breast pump or bottles clean… the limit really is your imagination.