combi's magic smoothies


When and where did the Combi journey begin?

Combi started its amazing journey back in 2003. Our ’72 Lowlight orange Kombi, fitted with an espresso machine, travelled from Adelaide in South Australia all the way up the coast to Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, serving certified organic fair trade coffee to thousands of festival punters along the way. We covered 12 festivals and events each year, from Womadelaide, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Arts festival, Meredith Music festival, Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Festival of the Sun, Dreaming Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Cowrie Arts Market Torquay, to mention a few.

Who is the Combi Family?

The Combi family is our amazing customers, staff, suppliers, farmers, and friends, Penny, Lola, Bow Wow (the dog) and Anthony.

Tell us about your first green smoothie and what it meant for the business?

Wow! The Green smoothie was developed while Penny studied integrated nutrition in NYC and became the talking point in so many articles and conversations. The Greenie launched us from an organic coffee house to a nutritional hot spot in our first cafe, Combi Coffee Elwood. The Green smoothie and all the other amazing raw organic sweet and savoury treats and smoothies started the brand Combi.

What prompted the move to Byron Bay?

We would visit Byron Bay twice a year for respite and to plan our next six month by visualising our dreams and visions. Then, back in 2005, on one of our journeys home from Woodford Folk Festival we fell in love with the space we are in now on Fletcher Street… the old Mary Martins Bookshop site… so when it became available for lease we jumped at the opportunity.

What has running a business as a family taught you?

Gratitude is the best attitude.

What are the most important values for you as a business owner?

Gratitude, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm.

Where would you like to see the business in 10 years?


What is the one thing everyone must try when they visit the Byron Bay café?

Your choice.