Chat with Tamina Daellenbach, about telling the time with Flik Flak.

Chat with Tamina Daellenbach, about telling the time with Flik Flak.

How did Flik Flak start?

One of the primary objectives in launching Flik Flak in 1987 was to teach young children to learn to tell time in a fun and interesting way. This has remained an essential part of our DNA throughout the past 30 years and will continue to do so in the future.

Who started it?

Flik Flak was created by the Swatch Group.

How many watches are in each range, how many ranges?

We launch approx. 60-80 new references in five different categories do every child will find his or her dream watch.

Where does Flik Flak draw it’s inspiration from?

Children are a great source of inspiration their dreams and desires have no limits. It is essential that our designs speak to children’s tastes and needs today.

You also have created an app to help kids tell the time – tell us about this.

Our app that teaches kids all over the world to tell the time while having fun. The game was developed with education professionals and is available free of charge as an Android or iOS app. “Telling the time with Flik and Flak” takes a games-style approach to learning, six stages of increasing difficulty for optimal and visible learning results and personalization ensures that time relates to a child’s typical day. It works on smartphones and tablets and comes in 10 languages. The high fun factor makes it a winner for kids; adults give full marks to the absence of any commercial content or purchasing links.

Flik Flak is a kids company – can you tell us about its growth and expansion over the years?

Over the last 30 years Flik Flak has established itself in over 100 countries worldwide, our designs and children’s tastes have evolved over the years. But for us our brand mission and spirit have not changed, teaching kids to learn to tell the time in a fun and entertaining way. The readability of our dials is one of our core promises we have stuck to over the years.

How has Flik Flak battled the tsunami of people reading time from their phones?

Our watches help children around the world to master the basic ability of reading time all children learn to master. We are very well aware that if we want to capture the hearts of children around the world we need to offer designs and styles that appeal to tastes. A watch becomes a fashion accessory or an item children can express their interests and imagination. Kids will learn to tell time intuitively and while having fun.

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