A chat with Georgie Holmes, founder and designer behind Australian made organic PJ company, G. Nancy.

A chat with Georgie Holmes, founder and designer behind Australian made organic PJ company, G. Nancy.


What inspired G.Nancy to start?

I was inspired to create something beautiful and organic that families need. A simple but playful product that appealed to my personal taste.

What makes the G.Nancy brand so special?

Our brand is special because we care. We care about the quality, we care about the print, we care about the industry and how much our makers get paid. I started G.NANCY because I wanted to create something beautiful that I loved and that heart goes into every decision we make for our company on a daily basis.

Why do you think the world needs G.Nancy?

You know as a designer that is a question I ask myself often. Why do people need our product? But I look at my daughter every night in her PJs and I think, “We’ve done good here”. The fit will never date, she has complete flexibility to have a dance party before bed, they don’t ride up her back when she’s sleeping and above all they last. The durability and quality of our sleepwear may be the most important reason why the world needs products like ours. We make local, we make organic, we support our local industry and we expect our customers to be able to wash our product every night and pass down to future babes.

What is your philosophy?

Buy quality, buy once and know where your products are coming from.

What are you hoping G.Nancy to be known for?

Quality sleepwear … and fingers crossed people chat about our prints too. So much love and late nights go into our seasonal prints.

What are your favourite products at the moment?

I love that for the first time we have been able to expand out product base! Our organic quilts and hottie covers have to be my favourite additions, they are as soft as butter and I am always thrilled to tell people their natural wadding is sourced locally from cotton farms in Queensland and Victorian sheep farms!

Tell us about your work / life balance.

It changes constantly as both my daughter and company grow. Having your own company does mean flexibility but it also means you can never leave work. Mentally it’s a struggle to separate myself from my work. I want to be the best mother possible to my beautiful little girl but if a manufacturing – or any other ten million problems pop up they often need immediate attention. Thankfully now that we have a warehouse to juggle logistics our own home feels a little more like a home and not an office. But there is still work to do to find anything resembling a balance.

Can you share some favourite moments from your business journey so far?

My first love has always been colour. I adore sitting, happy as a pig in mud each season surrounded by fabric and paint swatches. Also… Vogue! It’s always fun to have them feature our sleepwear.

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