Chat with the crew behind made by Fressko

Chat with the crew behind made by Fressko


How did made by Fressko start?

The inception of made by Fressko was in 2014 by two friends Sean and Lucas who noticed a gap in the market for a stylish bottle that was suitable for tea as well as coffee. They were also unimpressed by the figures showing global plastic consumption and how this was and is still affecting the environment. The solution was to create a reusable bottle that looked good and was as versatile as possible.

Can you tell us how the company has grown? Where did it start?

It really began as a side business in Melbourne but within only a few months the products aesthetic design and versatility had turned heads and made by Fressko quickly grew to become a well known name with product sold and stocked in stores internationally.

When did it launch? And what was it’s first product?

We launched in 2014 with the Original Range which are our double walled glass and bamboo bottles with the 2 in 1 Infuser

What’s behind the name?

The name was derived from the word Fresco – to eat / enjoy outside which relates to our products due to the ability to take your drink with you and for it to stay hot or cold / fresh. We decided to put our slant on it by changing the spelling and making it unique to us.

What’s the purpose of the company?

The goal for us to create beautifully designed products that are versatile and reusable and play our part in eliminating the need for single use bottles and throwaway coffee cups ( stay tuned for something super exciting in this category!! )

How many people work with the brand?

We have a really close Melbourne team of 8 people and then we also have contractors in New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, USA, Hong Kong & Taiwan

How important is having a reusable water bottle?

The impact of plastic bottles on our environment is overwhelming and unless people start making small daily changes the outcome will be devastating for our future generations and marine life. 22 BILLION water bottles were thrown away last year which is 6 x MORE than 10 years ago. This number is not even taking into account the throwaway coffee cups and with an average 450 year life span of a plastic bottle and knowing that only half of the bottles thrown away even make it into recycling, these are extremely concerning numbers.

There’s so many reusable bottles on the market, what makes made by Fressko unique?

Fressko is unique because we have worked on creating a product that encompasses versatility, quality and health benefits. They are insulated to make it suitable for both hot and cold, we do not use chemicals in our ranges and we designed a 2 in 1 infuser which allows you to use your Fressko to brew tea, create fruit infused detox water, enjoy smoothies or coffees all in the one flask.

What are some nice recipe combos you can recommend to fill your bottle with?

We have so many delicious recipes! You can check out our insta recipe page @madebyfressko_recipes or our website

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