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Opinion piece by Mandy Nolan – Why are my kids so worried?


“Why are my beautiful kids SO worried? Is it me? My first port of call is to blame myself. With three different fathers to my four kids, it’s clear that I am the common denominator. Damn! I really wanted to blame their fathers.” My four kids all have various presentations of anxiety. My eldest has […]

Bedtime Meditation for Kids

Bedtime mediation for kids

The following bedtime meditation for kids combines relaxation and visualisation techniques to encourage kids to calm themselves before sleep. Before you try it, carry out your usual bedtime routine, tuck them in and turn out the light. Meditation can literally make your brain bigger. A study by Harvard neuroscientists found that just eight weeks of […]


An apple a day keeps the doctor away is probably the first bit of dietary advice that most of us can remember receiving. But is it true? Those eight words are the foundational text of a healthy diet, nutrition’s version of “thou shalt not kill”. But where did this prescription for daily apple consumption come […]