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Lunch Lady - issue 3 - album covers drawn by a 6 year olds

Interview with Tano Veron: Co-founder of art project Rock at Six Years, a collaboration with his six-year-old niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti What is this project about?  Rock at Six Years is a family art project by me and my niece, Nicolina Lorenza Vachetti. It’s a collection of contemporary abstract album covers redrawn from the perspective […]

Beach Trash

Few people transform trash into treasure quite like Düsseldorf artist Sabine Timm. “I’ve been addicted to hunting treasure since my childhood,” she tells me. “I remember being on vacation when I was seven and collecting shards of china from these mudflats. I still have that box and I could draw every single piece from memory. […]

Pet Rocks

pet rocks

When the alien overlords finally make contact, they’ll be sure to have some questions and there are a few moments in our collective history that are just too weird to explain. Fads like hula hoops, Slinkys, fidget spinners—and the quirkiest of them all: Pet Rocks. As you might have guessed, Gary Dahl, the guy who […]