We Should Really Do That One Day, Today is That Day


We Should Really Do That One Day, Today is That Day
4 November 2014

You know those things you think would be nice to do with the kids one day. But in reality that day never comes around. Well today is that day.

The girls and I have driven past a walking track that winds around a little waterfall and a couple of mineral springs for almost a year now. It is on the way home from school and every time we drive by we say “We should walk down there one day.” One day, one day.

Screw that. On Monday I slammed on the brakes. Today is that day.

The sheer joy the girls took in my spontaneity was contagious. They were so excited by the break in routine, they bounced out of the car and dragged me to the start of the walking track.

We breathed in the air, warmed our faces in the sun and talked. How often do we get to talk with our kids. Like really talk. I never knew my 5 year old had acquired a knowledge of wildflowers, as she pointed them out along the track to me.

I just wanted to share this with you, because by making one day today, bought the three of us together and gifted us happiness, adventure and fun.

Today IS the day. Enjoy it. x