Saving the world from boredom: one bored kid at a time.

Everyone needs a list of things to do, easy entertainment for the school holidays with the mission of saving one bored kid at a time.

Here goes:

Make a pet rock for each family member

Play Exquisite Corpse

Sort through your toys and choose three for charity

Write a love letter to Mum or Dad

Make a cubby under your bed or in your wardrobe

Turn on the pedestal fan and talk like a transformer

Graffiti the side of the house or fence with chalk

Colour each brick or paver in a different coloured chalk 

Write funny notes and hide them around the house for the family to find

Sort Lego by colour into Tupperware containers

Choose a cake recipe we can make tomorrow\

Write a story and include a ginger cat, a black shoe, fairy floss and a holiday

Draw a family portrait and hang it up

Make a stockpile of greeting cards

Make a flipbook

Arrange a posy of flowers from the garden for every bedroom

Draw funny pictures and hide them in pockets of Mum’s or Dad’s clothes

Ring Nan or Pop for a chat

Colour-code all the books in the bookcase to look like a rainbow

Play Sevens with a tennis ball

Make up a song, show or dance with your sister or brother and perform it after dinner

Rearrange all the things in your bedroom

Press flowers

Choose four dinner recipes for next week

Write a shopping list


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