Fairtrade brands you should know about

Making trade fair is all about changing the way trade works, so farmers and growers get better working conditions and paid properly for their products. Here’s some Fairtrade brands we love…



Made from Fairtrade sourced organic cotton, Macpac have created this kids’ hoodie featuring a kangaroo front pocket, a ribbed cuff and a ribbed waistband. They’ve chosen to use Fairtrade organic cotton to support small scale (and often marginalised) farmers and workers in the textile industry. Fairtrade enables people to build better and more secure lives for themselves, their co-workers and families. The relaxed fit and ‘brushed’ backing of the organic cotton fabric gives a soft next-to-skin feel which makes each piece more comfy. This hoodie is available in a range of seasonal colours. 

Karma Drinks


Karma Drinks want to make sure their drinks are made in a way that puts people and planet first. That’s why they’ve always used Fairtrade ingredients. Alongside their Karma Cola Foundation, they support the empowerment and education of future female leaders amongst the villages where their cola nut comes from in Western Africa. They’re proud their drinks wear the Fairtrade badge and that they’ve been made in a way that benefits the people growing their ingredients. And that’s why they like to say – if you are going to buy a fizzy, make it a good one.



Montville Coffee established themselves two decades ago as the first Fairtrade and Organic Coffee Roasters in Queensland and their awareness of environmental and social issues has driven them to build a business that celebrates ethically and sustainably sourced and produced goods. Today, their coffee roasting business continues to evolve in response to the added complexities of the changing climate and the world’s waste problem. They’ve seen what Fairtrade means in the field too and witnessed first-hand the progress in their producer communities such as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, specifically for women and children.



Pico make delicious organic vegan chocolate. And what’s even sweeter is that they’ve been Fairtrade since they launched in 2015.  They’re passionate about making sure the farms where their cocoa is sourced are sustainable, free from child labour and the farmers are empowered in making decisions to improve their livelihood. Their chocolate is available in seven flavours (think Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, and Original M*lk) from supermarkets and health food stores nationwide.) from supermarkets and health food stores nationwide.

 To understand more about Fairtrade read full interview HERE with Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia New Zealand about what Fairtrade is and why it matters now more than ever.