DIY – Teach kids about colours

LEGO® DUPLO® Colour Sorter by Beci Orpin.

We partnered with LEGO (and fave crafty lady Beci Orpin) to help little people learn their colours. Below you’ll find a step by step guide on how to make coloured boxes to sort your very own DUPLO.

You will need  

– 4 x boxes. I used four postage boxes that were all the same size but different sizes would work fine. 

– Coloured paper  – I used green, yellow, red, blue. Ideally these would be big enough to cover one side of your box, but if not you can stick two pieces together to make a piece big enough. Card is ideal as its more sturdy.

– Glue or double-sided tape

– Scissors or retractable blade 

– grey lead pencil


1. Remove one side of each box. 

2. Measure out the sheets of paper to cover the side of the box which you have removed. I did this by placing the box on the paper and tracing around edges . Make sure you allow extra 3-5cm at each side to wrap around the box and stick down.

3. Draw a simple shape on each piece of colour paper so that the element will be roughly in the middle once its attached to the box. I made my shapes relate to the colour of that box – eg: leaf for green box, sun for yellow box, butterfly for blue box, apple for red box. Simple geometric shapes would also be cute and effective. Just make sure each element has an opening big enough for a DUPLO block to be passed through. 

4. Cut out the shapes you have drawn – using a retractable knife might be easier for this, but scissors work fine too. 

5. Attach the coloured paper to the box. I found it was easier folding the edges first, and then add glue/ double-sided tape to each folded edge and attaching one edge at a time. I also covered the other sides with paper for extra effect / cute. You can also paint the sides and inside as well of you like. 

6. Repeat each step for each box.

7. Set your finished boxes up in a row with you child and a pile of DUPLO. Ask your little person to sort all their DUPLO into the colour boxes. As they begin to learn their colours, you can set other challenges like asking them to sort their favourite colour first or setting a time challenge for slightly older kids. 

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