What’s Kido Store’s ethos and how does design influence your business?

[ Luke Reichinger, Founder ]

“Originally we knew we didn’t want to stock anything plastic or battery operated—none of those sorts of things. We were seeing so much cool stuff from overseas—Japan, Europe and the States—that wasn’t so available here ten years ago. We wanted to stock clothing that was made from all-natural materials and as ethically as possible. It’s the same with our toys: we mostly stock wooden toys that are interesting and educational. In the end, we curated Kido as a reflection of what we like—and, to a certain extent, what our friends like. We choose things that tug on our childhood nostalgia. We’re catering to parents and working with suppliers who are our age and have kids who grew up with similar cultural and pop references. So we’re selling to those people and buying products that are made by those people. It all makes sense that way.” //

What’s the best bit of parenting advice you’ve ever received?

MUM TO GIA (10), DILLON (8) + RIVER (2)

“To tell your kids you love them and hug them every single day. I do this with my girls multiple times each day, at anytime, and now they do the same to me. Especially in the quiet times or when I can sense they’re a little down. It keeps us connected and makes them feel secure. It’s often the precursor to them opening up about their feelings and worries.” //