DIY pom pom flowers

DIY Pom pom flowers

DIY pom pom flowers are rad, all you need is yarn/wool, a fork, pipe-cleaners & scissors. Follow our simple DIY instructions and you’ll have an everlasting bunch in no time.

DIY pom pom flower steps:

  • Place a pipe-cleaner along one side of the fork.
  • Wrap the yarn around the fork and pipe-cleaner – this will form the pom pom flower.
  • Continue to wrap yarn the length of the top part of the fork until you have covered it entirely several times (25-30 wraps).
How to make DIY pom pom flowers with a fork
  • Twist the pipe-cleaner around the yarn.
  • Take some green yarn and knot around the base of the flower.
  • Remove the wrapped yarn from the fork and cut the looped ends of the flower yarn.
  • Cut a piece of green yarn and wrap around where the pipe-cleaner is folded so it becomes the ‘stem’. Knot and add some glue to hold in place, if required.
  • Trim and fray the end of the yarn to give a full look
  • Repeat the process to make an everlasting bunch ; )
DIY pom poms

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