Leaf Bunting


You will need:

• freshly picked leaves, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nothing too ‘waxy’, as these can be hard to paint

• paint (acrylic or gouache works best)

• paintbrushes

• small stick

• string 

• water to rinse out brushes

1. Lay out your leaves.

2. Paint the leaves. Add a mix of both block colour and patterns: spots, stripes—whatever takes your fancy!

3. Let your leaves dry.

4. Tie a length of string to your stick.

5. Once the paint is dry, push your stick through the middle of each leaf to create a small hole, and thread the string through. 

6. Continue until all the painted leaves are threaded.


You will need:

• dried leaves in various shapes and colours. (This is a great project for autumn, but at any time of year you can search around evergreen trees, as their leaves fall off year round. You can also pick fresh leaves and press them for a few weeks before use.)

• paint (acrylic or gouache is good)

• paintbrush 

• glue (PVA glue works best for leaves that are hard to stick together)

1. Lay leaves out on the table and have a good look at them. Make sure your leaves are clean and free from any dirt or debris—the dirt can make it harder to stick the leaves together.

2. See what shapes you can make by placing different leaves together. Lots of leaves are fish-shaped! 

3. If you are using different leaf combinations, glue them together before painting.

4. Using paint, add faces and details to your creations.

Tip: Glue your creations to a base sheet of paper for longer keeping. Leaves can be fragile,
so do this with care.

This craft is from issue 11 of Lunch Lady magazine. The issue is sold out, however, you can download digital copies via Google Play here and Apple Store here

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