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how a kid’s brain works. the meltdown explained

child brain

How different is a kid’s brain from an adult’s? The short answer: extremely. We’ve always known that a child’s brain spends its early years absorbing and processing information, but it’s only recently that we’ve begin to understand what exactly it is about a kid’s brain that allows it to be so receptive to new stimuli. […]

Mums who Meditate, with Dr Elise Bialylew

Mindful in May

A chat about Mindful in May, meditation and mums who meditate. Tell us your background. I decided I was going to be a Psychiatrist when I was 16 years old (I know, it’s pretty funny in retrospect). I don’t think I really understood what Psychiatry entailed back then, but I was always deeply curious about […]

Kawa Leaf

Kawa Leaf

When Dee Tang lost her almost four-year-old daughter Kawa Leaf in a drowning accident, her life changed, and so did her perspective on the bigger picture. Here Dee shares her thoughts on life, death, love, universal grief and what’s most important to learn from loss.

Zero-Waste Home

Zero waste home

Back in 2006, Bea Johnson and her family started a war on waste and reduced their household rubbish to fit in just one small jar a year. Twelve years on, Bea has inspired a global movement and now spends her time writing books and travelling the world teaching others how to become ‘zero waste’ too.