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EcoNap talk cloth nappies

Who was EcoNaps founded by and when did the company begin?   I started EcoNaps back in 2013, when I was pregnant with my first baby. We used to sell it at our local markets and had such a positive response to our products, everything just grew from there. How long did it take you to develop a product that […]

To Bee or Not To Bee


A young scientist from France, Simon Klein is carrying on a tradition started by the Acádémie des sciences, which stretches back over 300 years to when King Louis XIV founded it. Better known for its contribution to the arts, France has constantly been at the forefront of scientific advances, too, in fields ranging from chemistry […]

Beach Trash

Few people transform trash into treasure quite like Düsseldorf artist Sabine Timm. “I’ve been addicted to hunting treasure since my childhood,” she tells me. “I remember being on vacation when I was seven and collecting shards of china from these mudflats. I still have that box and I could draw every single piece from memory. […]

combi’s magic smoothies


When and where did the Combi journey begin?  Combi started its amazing journey back in 2003. Our ’72 Lowlight orange Kombi, fitted with an espresso machine, travelled from Adelaide in South Australia all the way up the coast to Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, serving certified organic fair trade coffee to thousands of festival punters along the […]

making boots

blundstone boots

Blundstone began as a family business way back in 1870 – that’s amazing heritage. What influence does this have on the current operations of the Blundstone brand?  We turn 150 next year, and since then a lot of things have changed. We’ve gone from crafting simple boots for a small colony to designing a wide […]

Pet Rocks

pet rocks

When the alien overlords finally make contact, they’ll be sure to have some questions and there are a few moments in our collective history that are just too weird to explain. Fads like hula hoops, Slinkys, fidget spinners—and the quirkiest of them all: Pet Rocks. As you might have guessed, Gary Dahl, the guy who […]

all about Aussie Apples

aussie apples

Who are Aussie Apples? Aussie Apples is managed by Hort Innovation on behalf of Australia’s growers. Hort Innovation is a grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian Horticulture. Our ‘core’ purpose is to help improve the health and wellbeing of Australian consumers by inspiring them to get their crunch on with delicious and nutritious local Aussie apples.  How many apple varieties […]

how a kid’s brain works. the meltdown explained

child brain

How different is a kid’s brain from an adult’s? The short answer: extremely. We’ve always known that a child’s brain spends its early years absorbing and processing information, but it’s only recently that we’ve begin to understand what exactly it is about a kid’s brain that allows it to be so receptive to new stimuli. […]

Mums who Meditate, with Dr Elise Bialylew

Mindful in May

A chat about Mindful in May, meditation and mums who meditate. Tell us your background. I decided I was going to be a Psychiatrist when I was 16 years old (I know, it’s pretty funny in retrospect). I don’t think I really understood what Psychiatry entailed back then, but I was always deeply curious about […]