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Win this excellent Bell Tent!

Homecamp bell tent giveaway

We do love camping with quality gear, and the Homecamp bell tent is tops! We are stoked we have a Homecamp Classic 4m Bell Tent plus a Flatpack Firepit & Grill to giveaway to one lucky reader – all you have to do is subscribe to our fortnightly newsletters to win! The Homecamp Classic bell […]

We chat with Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical

Who is Australian Ethical? We’re an ethical super and investment company that was founded on the belief that money can be used as a force for positive change in our world that can be enjoyed by many generations to come. We don’t invest in fossil fuels, tobacco, nuclear weapons, or businesses involved in cruelty to […]

healthy bliss balls – fave lunchbox recipes

healthy bliss balls

Once you get started making healthy bliss balls, you just can’t stop!  Here are our favourite bliss ball recipes – and the kids won’t even know they are healthy ; ) Apricot + Coconut Healthy Bliss Balls  Use the plump, whole dried apricots (sometimes sold as Turkish apricots) for this recipe—their juiciness helps hold the balls […]

Bedtime Meditation for Kids

Bedtime mediation for kids

The following bedtime meditation for kids combines relaxation and visualisation techniques to encourage kids to calm themselves before sleep. Before you try it, carry out your usual bedtime routine, tuck them in and turn out the light. Meditation can literally make your brain bigger. A study by Harvard neuroscientists found that just eight weeks of […]

Easy Recipe: Rainbow Mexican Platter

Rainbow Mexican dinner lunch lady

We love an easy recipe that inspires our family to try new flavours, and we all know that eating the rainbow is not only good for you – but a bit of fun.  Try this rainbow Mexican platter for your next family dinner. Paprika Chicken recipe  Serves 6 6 chicken legs 2 – 3 tablespoons […]

DIY kids craft: Make a butterfly feeder

Butterfly feeder DIY kids craft

Here’s how to make your own DIY butterfly feeder – a perfect kids craft!  1. Get one of your old jam jars. Using a hammer and nail, puncture a hole in the centre of the lid. 2. Insert a piece of sponge into the hole of the lid so it fits very snug. 3. Turn […]

Meat head: How to be an ethical carnivore

ethical carnivore lunch lady magazine

As the world rushes towards a state of environmental emergency, what does it mean to be an ethical carnivore? Does such a thing even exist? Let’s get one thing out of the way up top: meat is delicious. A good bit of meat activates our brain’s pleasure centres in a way that vegetables just, well, […]

Bush craft

Bush craft kids activities

Bush craft puppets are a perfect DIY and are made from anything that grows in nature–dried leaves, fresh leaves, seed pods, flowers and sticks. Keep your eyes peeled for shapes which you think look like animals or animal parts—e.g., long and thin eucalyptus leaves make great snakes, small oval leaves make good rabbit ears, and […]