Arro Home

Arro Home

Talk us through Arro Home’s style and design process.

[ Adam Rogers, Founder ]

“Our whole philosophy is ‘design for every day’, so we produce colourful signature prints that are really versatile and can fit within many different environments. For each range, four designers and I sit down and reflect back on previous seasons. We then try to forecast the upcoming trends and throw around ideas while always making sure the products are something we’re excited about. Things that I love from the previous collections include our cat pillow, pastel kilim rug, mountain cushion and forest floor tea towel. We generally start by designing a lot more than we need—about 30 per cent of the designs are not used—and then we constantly refine each collection. Sometimes it’s really difficult to tell what will work. Things we think are super-awesome don’t always sell, and vice versa. But if we follow our rule of combining what’s happening in the market with products we love to design, we produce lots of popular items.” //

What’s the best bit of parenting advice you’ve ever received?

MUM TO TYKE (12) + ARI (8)

“My Grandma once said to me, “The best thing you can do is love your children”. I know that sounds pretty general, but I tried to remember that advice when I was up for the sixth time in one night, or changing the worst nappy ever, or now when I’m dealing with a pre-teen sulk-fest. It works too. No matter how awful the crappy bits can be, love changes it all.” //